Humankind has always felt the need to express itself and find meaning in life. Even in the darkest periods of history, people have found ways to express themselves and their experiences with the world. Meaning has found its voice through music, art and literature. At C.U.R.A. we continue to experience a renaissance of the humanistic tradition in the Therapeutic Community. Those of us that have been involved in the T.C. movement, recognize that we work with the most creative individuals in the world. However, in most cases, their creativity is stifled by poverty, incarceration and addiction. Even in the worst of times, our residents have managed to compose poetry, write music, produce works of art that rival some of the greatest works of all time and tell stories. It’s organic.

At C.U.R.A., we have developed a series humanities seminars that help the resident explore their deepest and most serious feelings. The seminars include Mask Making, Poetry Writing and Music Analysis.




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