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The cathartic powers of music are amazing.  Often times a particular song can take us back to a snap shot in time where we can remember very particular thoughts, feelings and places.  Music can make us laugh, cry, dance and bring out emotions we didn’t even know were there. The aspect of listening to music makes it ideal for the TC in that it gives the residents a forum around which topics can be discussed in a much more objective level while at the same time being very personal.

Participants begin this seminar
by listening to the songs of Harry Chapin, Taxi and Sequel. After the analysis of these songs the residents are asked to pick their favorite song and an image to go with it to represent themselves.  One of the residents acts as a scribe and writes down everyone’s choices.  All of these songs are then put together on a CD with a cover made up of the art or personal photos they have chosen for the next Humanities session during which they will listen to the CD and each person will get a chance to talk about why they chose the song that they did.  It is amazing the stories that come out from this project.
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Song of Myself

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