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C.U.R.A., Inc.

Carnales Unidos Reformando Adictos, Incorporate
Partners United to Reform Addicts

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Breaking the Cycle of Addiction Since 1969

We give men and women the opportunity to live lives free from drugs and alcohol. Clients are given the chance to change their past behavior by working on their core issues and planning for the future. The final goal is for participants to graduate as contributing members of society.


Picture a man or woman sitting in the bull pen waiting to be sentenced for another drug offense or DUI or a kid who’s been expelled from school for smoking pot behind the bleachers on the football field or a single mother who’s waiting to see if she’ll lose her kids to CPS. There’s also the trucker who needs something to stay awake on those long runs or the cop that’s seen too much and stops for a drink every night after work or the Vet who just came back from Iraq and feels like he doesn’t belong anymore. Consider the up and comer who found out she’s bi-polar, or the gang member who’s had mental illness in his family for generations or the kid born into poverty and addiction. Don’t forget the convict that has paid his dues but still can’t catch a break because of his past or the woman that has been battered and bruised by a life that leaves no hope for a better way. These are some of the people that make up C.U.R.A., Inc.

Most everyone who enters C.U.R.A. ‘s doors has something in common: they have never felt like they fit in anywhere, even in their own skin. After a very intense assessment and admissions conference, the man or woman is given a big brother or big sister that shows them the lay of the land. From the first point of engagement, one of the most important things we try to achieve is to give the participant a sense of belonging. Every group, one to one, class, meal, chore, and free time is performed to help the participant to learn how to live life on life’s terms in concert with the community.

From day one, participants are given a treatment plan that reflects the past, what we need to do in the present and the hope of a successful future. Putting principles before personalities means that no matter who asks us to retreat into an unhealthy lifestyle, we must put our newfound principles first. Principles like honesty, dignity, respect, compassion and community keep us on the right track.

After primary treatment is achieved, each participant goes on job search. C.U.R.A. is committed to each client finding a job, having a place to live and having a strong support group in the outside community as they transition back into society. We don’t consider a treatment experience successful unless that criterion is met. Employment is an integral part in successful treatment. C.U.R.A. is very careful in making partnerships with other organizations. We know what’s at stake with an individual who makes the wrong connection.

After completion of Aftercare and public graduation, graduates are invited to be part of C.U.R.A.’s Alumni Association to carry on the tradition that are forefathers and foremothers set 50 years ago in a barrio on the streets of Decoto.

Rita Marie Locaria, MA, LAADC
Vice President
C.U.R.A., Inc.

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CURA Addiction Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment helps clients address their past behaviors, develop support systems, and prepare for a new way of life.

CURA Residential Addiction Treatment

Recovery Residence

C.U.R.A.’s Transitional Recovery Residence provides a safe place that supports each person’s potential for healthy sober living.

CURA Aftercare Addiction Treatment Programs


C.U.R.A.’s Aftercare Programs help clients maintain their sobriety and lead independent lives.


C.U.R.A. guides Graduates to live sober and have fun through support groups, community peer support and mentorship.

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We’ll love you until you love yourself.

C.U.R.A., Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt behavior modification program, that gives men and women the opportunity to live lives free from drugs and alcohol. Clients are given the chance to change their past behavior by working on their core issues, getting an education, attending trade schools and acquiring job experience. The final goal is for participants to graduate as contributing members of society.


There is no cost to our patients. C.U.R.A. is funded 100% though Medi-Cal and donations.

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