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Group Therapy

C.U.R.A., utilizes proven treatment modalities in Group Therapy. Take a look at the Groups offered at C.U.R.A. below.

Think Outside the Cell

Using the tenants of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) this group strives to uncover and break old patterns of Criminal Thinking and explores new ways of approaching challenges on the road to re-entering the community as contributing members.

Check Yourself Before You WRECK Yourself

C.U.R.A.’s Anger Management group provides practical tools to help keep anger at bay. By examining the triggers, reactions and impacts of anger, this group strives to impart the tools necessary to maintain a clean and sober life.

Wounds to Wisdom

Using the rubric from Seeking Safety (Lisa M. Najavits, PhD), C.U.R.A.’s trauma informed group treatment focuses on acquiring the tools and perfecting the practice of managing the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with the final goal of breaking the destructive cycle of pain and addiction.

Journal Mapping as a Tool to Long-term Recovery

Narrative Therapy provides the space to externalize issues and gives the distance needed to make room for a new life. Writing one’s story and mapping one’s future provides important tools on the road to recovery.

Artfelt Thinking

Following the tradition of the Therapeutic Community, C.U.R.A.’s homegrown seminar uses the Humanities to appreciate the Spiritual and Cultural precepts that makes sobriety a joyful way of life.

Staying Sober

This Relapse Prevention group focuses on the ongoing struggle of addiction by looking at the contributing factors of relapse. Learning to cope with cravings, banishing negative self-talk, building strong connections with a support group and avoiding high risk situations and behaviors strengthens the fabric of ongoing recovery.

LGBTQ+ Group

Focusing on wellness, healing and support, this group is a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to express themselves and share issues that are unique to their journeys while supporting their fellow addicts on the path to recovery.

Women's Group

Providing a safe space where women can confidentially explore issues particular to women’s recovery is essential to effective recovery. By listening to each other and sharing their stories, women not only gain additional insight and wisdom that brings healing, but they also develop lasting connections that will follow them on their path to long term recovery.

Men's Group

Men’s Group addresses the need for men in treatment to have the opportunity to explore issues that they may be hesitant to discuss in a group that includes women as well as men. Tackling issues such as managing and expressing emotions, dealing with trauma and developing healthy lifestyles will help them build healthy relationships that will follow them throughout their recovery.

Job Readiness

This group develops skills like resume building, effective communication, interviewing, problem solving and the qualities that are necessary to get and keep a new job. Job Readiness training includes access to a computer lab for job search, job placement at local businesses, transportation, work tools, certification programs and professional attire when required.

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“Think outside the cell.”
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